World War Two in Alaska and the Yukon, The Forgotten War, Koga's Zero

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The Forgotten War

A Pictorial History of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada

by Stan Cohen

In most combat theaters of the Second World War the combatants had to fight only each other. In Alaska and northwestern Canada, however, they also did battle with the weather, the wilderness and boredom. The remote territory was probably the war’s least-known and least-publicized combat zone. Most of those who served there had never seen anything like it before, nor would they ever want to see it again.

8 1/2”x11”, 272 pages, more than 300 photos, maps, paperback, $16.95.
ISBN 0-933126-13-1

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The Forgotten War

Volume Two

by Stan Cohen

This volume examines in depth the Canol oil line project, the bombing of Dutch Harbor and the numerous airfields and transportation facilities in Alaska and Canada used to wage war in this far-flung theater of operations.

8 1/2”x11”, 264 pages, 500 photos, maps, paperback, $16.95.
ISBN 0-933126-70-0

The Forgotten War

Volume Three

by Stan Cohen

This volume presents in detail the naval actions in the Aleutian campaign, the RCAF fighter and bomber com­mands in Alaska and wartime activities on Annette, Kodiak, Amchitka and Adak islands; and in Seward, along with many other stories and photo­graphs of the war years.

8 1/2”x11”, 264 pages, over 500 photos, maps, paperback, $16.95.
ISBN 0-929521-30-7



The Forgotten War

Volume Four

by Stan Cohen

This volume deals with the North Country at war, the Alaska Highway, the Canol project, numerous transportation systems, communications, Russian Lend-Lease, The Alaska Territorial Guard, the Islands of Attu and Kiska and concludes with a legacy of the war.

8 1/2”x11”, 244 pages, 500 photos, maps, paperback, $16.95.
ISBN 0-929521-64-1

Castner’s Cutthroats

Saga of the Alaska Scouts

by Jim Rearden

Innokenty McBratney, the half-Aleut son of a Scot trader from the Aleutian island of Attu; Talky Lloyd, a renegade Colorado cowboy turned Alaska guide/trapper; Johnny Blackwolf, an Athapaskan from the arctic Koyukuk valley; Shorty the Bear, a trapper from deep in the Wrangell Mountains; Silver Fox Will Rooney, a trapper and commercial fisherman from Bristol Bay. These are the heroes of this exciting tale of the Alaska Scouts who play a key role in the Aleutian Campaign for World War II.

6"x9", black and white photos and maps, 384 pages, paperback: $23.95. ISBN 978-1-57510-084-5



Soldiers of the Mist
Minutemen of the Alaska Frontier

by C.A. Salisbury

The Soldiers of the Mists are the home-grown Minutemen of Alaska. Their great adventure runs thousands of years from pre-written history to the present-day Army and Air National Guard of Alaska. They range from the ancient hunter and defender of the village to the men and women who operate the sophisticated complex weapons systems of a modern day Army and Air Force. Uncountable numbers of people have served as Northern Minutemen, their history is not a familiar one. This then, is their story.

8 1/2”x11”, 152 pages, 155 photos, paperback, $12.95.
ISBN 0-929521-37-4

Forgotten Warriors of the Aleutian Campaign

by Jim Rearden

On June 3 and 4, 1942, Japanese carrier planes bombed, and Zero fighters machine-gunned, the U.S. military base at Dutch Harbor, Alaska. On June 7, Japanese troops seized two Aleutian islands—Attu and Kiska. Read the details of the 15-month Aleutian Campaign in which 144,000 American servicemen fought two enemies—the Japanese and the savage weather.

8 1/2"x11", black and white photos, 208 pages, paperback: $18.95. ISBN 1-57510-120-3

Koga’s Zero

The Fighter that Changed World War II

by Jim Rearden

Found upside down in an Alaskan bog in the eighth month of our war with Japan, a Japanese fighter plane was retrieved and soon test flown by U.S. pilots. Knowledge gained from those flights ended the dominance of the Zero in the Pacific.

7"x10", black and white photos, 128 pages, paperback: $10.95.
ISBN 0-929521-56-0


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