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France 0n Fragile Wings
A Libertyman's Adventures 1917–19
in the 168th Aero Squadron, AEF

by William B. Stine and Sharon R. Stine

As a young man Harold Stine never traveled far from his home in Charleston, West Virginia, a place of forested mountains, deep valleys and muddy, lethargic rivers. Friends and family, church and school were the secure web that encased his life. And yet he left this life to fly in France as a reconnaissance pilot in The Great War. His two years in France were the singular sojourn of his life, catapulting him from comfort into chaos.

To better understand his father’s odyssey (based on pilot’s log, diary and a box of some 300 photographs and postcards), William Stine and his wife, Sharon, retraced his journeys in France. They found Harold’s flying fields, located towns where he was stationed, matched his photographs and postcards with the scenes that unfolded before them and used his photographs to engage local people.

6”×9”, 264 pages, 255 photos & drawings, 9 maps, paperback, $19.95.
ISBN 978-157510-166-8

The Fight for Coal Mine Health and Safety
A Documented History

By Ken Hechler

“In this era of justified cynicism that our Congress is bought and paid for by corporate money and that the concerns and needs of ordinary citizens are routinely ignored by our legislators, it is refreshing to recall a time when one Congressman took on the most powerful interests in his state, pushed aside any worry about his personal safety, and willingly jeopardized his political career by standing up for the coal miners in his district and coal miners throughout the entire nation. The Fight for Coal Mine Health and Safety is a reminder that one person under the right circumstances can produce epic and lasting change.” —Joseph A. “Chip” Yablonski

7"x10", 406 pages, 3 photos, includes the complete text of the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969,
paperback, $19.95.
ISBN 978-1-57510-155-2

King Coal

A Pictorial Heritage of West Virginia Coal Mining

by Stan Cohen

No state in the Union has been more dominated by one product or natural resource than West Virginia. Since the beginnings of coal mining in the early 1800s, the economy, welfare, and political life of West Virginia have been largely dependant upon its “black gold,” that underlies a great portion of the state.

8 1/2"x 11", 152 pages, 250 photos, paperback, $13.95.
ISBN 0-933126-53-0


Historic Springs of the Virginias
A Pictorial History

by Stan Cohen

Put aside your fast pace and visit the Historic Springs of the Virginias. Take a historic tour through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia . . . when a fashionable summer meant “taking the waters” at the springs, spas and resorts of these two states. Historic Springs chronicles 75 of these historic retreats with descriptions, drawings and photographs of these fascinating places.

8 1/2"x 11", 232 pages, 250 photos, maps, paperback, $22.95.
ISBN 1-891852-16-7



The Civil War in West Virginia
A Pictorial History

by Stan Cohen

From John Brown’s inflammatory raid at Harpers Ferry to the first land battle at Philippi, and through the surrender of McNeill’s Rangers at the end of the war, this book looks at the skirmishes, battles and politics that shaped West Virginia’s role in the Civil War.

8 1/2"x11", 180 pages, 250 photos, 24 maps, paperback, $15.95.
ISBN 1-891852-03-5


A Pictorial Guide to West Virginia’s Civil War Site

by Stan Cohen

This book is a classic and comprehensive collection of Civil War history—a must have for Civil War buffs and historians alike. It contains photographs and historical data for over 230 of the state’s Civil War sites—ranging from historic houses, buildings and monuments to inspiring battlefields and poignant cemeteries.

8 1/2"x11", 132 pages, more than 400 photos, maps, drawings, paperback, $15.95. ISBN 1-891852-26-4



Images of the Civil War
In West Virginia

by Terry Lowry and Stan Cohen

Although the state’s terrain precluded the major battles that were occurring in the east and west and the ability of photographers to roam the country, a remarkable number of images have been found. Additional drawings were found in the major news magazines of the day such as Harpers Weekly, Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper and the New York Illustrated News. Enjoy this fascinating collection.

8 1/2"x11", 216 pages, more than 370 photos, maps, illustrations, paperback, $19.95. ISBN 1-891852-12-4


West Virginia Air Power
A Pictorial History of the 130th & 167th Tactical Airlift Groups

by Jack A. Smith

The West Virginia Air National Guard’s roots came from the deactivation of the 369th Fighter Squadron after WWII. The 167th Fighter squadron was formed in May 1946 and federally recognized by the Army Air Corps on 7 March 1947. In Dec. 1955, the 167th Fighter Squadron was moved to Martinsburg, WV from Charleston.

8 1/2"x11", 76 pages, 186 photos, four color pages, paperback, $9.95.
ISBN 0-929521-53-6


The Durbin Route

The Greenbrier Division of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway

by William Price McNeel

From the corporate point of view of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, the Greenbrier Division was only one of many branch lines and probably thought of mainly when it was time to add up the annual balance sheet. However, in relation to those who have known this rail line, it filled a number of rolls. To several generations of railroad men, it was the loca­tion of their jobs. To the people of the Upper Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia, it was for many years their vital economic lifeline to the rest of the nation.

8 1/2"x11", 182 pages, 183 photos, maps, paperback, $12.95.
ISBN 0-933126-56-5

Mountaineer Sabers

167th Fighter Squadron West Virginia Air National Guard, 1955–1961

by Jack H. Smith

Like the P-51 Mustang, the Sabre has been the subject of a lot of writing and justifiably so, it was the greatest fighter of its day. As the premier fighter of the Korean War, the Sabre earned its place in aviation history. As the replacement for the Mustang in the 167th F.I.S., it also earned a place in the history of the West Virginia Air National Guard.

8 1/2"x11", 56 pages, 99 photos, paperback, $7.95.
ISBN 0-929521-02-1



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