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Pictorial Histories Publishing Co. specializes in paperback and hardbound books that emphasize images as well as stories. While many of our books cover military subjects, our catalog also features titles ranging from sports, railroads and biography to histories of Virginia, West Virginia, Alaska and the American West.

If we find that your manuscript is a good fit with our list we will design and compose the book for you at the standard industry fee. We will solicit three bids from domestic or overseas printers, supply a bar code and ISBN number for the book, deliver the book to the printer in the proper format, make arrangements for the delivery of proofs to you, and market the book by taking it to conventions and sending mailings to our extensive list of distributors, bookstores, collectors and readers. The author will also be responsible for paying the printing bill. Of course, your book will be listed for sale here in our online catalog.

Preparing your manuscript

Text should be supplied in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect documents. Except for bold and italic do not format the manuscript; we’ll do that when we design and compose your book. Use only one space following a period and make your text flush left and ragged right—in other words don’t justify the text. We can send a sample file if you’d like to see how your manuscript should be formatted.


If you supply scanned images, whether they are black and white or color photographs, they should be scanned at 100 percent and 300 dpi. Maps and drawings should be scanned at 100 percent and 600 dpi and saved as bitmap (or line art). If you do not have a scanner, we charge $5 per black and white photo, $12 per color photo and $5 for each line art image or drawing.

If your images were generated by a digital camera, they should be the highest resolution and largest size allowed by the camera, then copied to a DVD or a CD, which you will need to mail us.

Contact Stan Cohen at:

Pictorial Histories Publishing Co.
713 South 3rd St. West
Missoula, MT 59801
phone (406) 549-8488
fax (406) 728-9280


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