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Play Winning Cribbage $15
Purple & Gold $19.95
Rails Across The Tundra $12.95
Rails To Gold And Silver, Vol. II $24.95
Red Skies Of ‘88 $12.95
Regia Marina, Italian Battleships of
      World War Two $9.95
Remember Pearl Harbor $14.95
Rise of the Ironclads $12.95
Rodeo: The Suicide Trail $9.95
Sail Army $11.95
Sam O. White, Alaskan $23.95
Seacoast Cannon $3.95
Shadows on the Koyukuk $16.95.
The Ship That Would Not Die $12.95
Silent Towns On The Prairie $19.95
Slim Moore, Alaska Master Guide $14.95
Soaring With Eagles $17.95
Soldier of the Union $19.95

Soldat, Volume III $12.95
Soldat, Volume V $14.95
Soldat, Volume XI $15.95
Soldat, Volume XIC $15.95
Soldat, Volume XI-D $19.95
Soldiers of the Mist $12.95
The Streets Were Paved With Gold (temp. out
       of print) $12.95
Super Marine! $14.95
They Came To Destroy America $16.95
This Is Latch $29.95
To Win the War $29.95
Toys Go to War $29.95
The Trail of ‘42 (book) $7.95
The Trail of ‘42 (DVD) $19.95
The Tree Army (book) $14.95
The Tree Army (DVD) $19.95
Travel Air NC9084 $14.95
Two Ocean Battleship $12.95

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