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The Wolves of Alaska
A fact-based saga

a novel by by Jim Rearden

Alaska has announced that wolves are to be killed on the Tanana Flats near Fairbanks to allow a moose population to rebuild. A pretty Boston school teacher, representing an animal rights organization, arrives to “save” Alaska’s wolves. As she becomes involved, her initial antagonistic relationship with a wolf biologist slowly changes as she learns about wolves and Alaska.

6"x9", 352 pages, paperback: $18.95. ISBN 978-1-57510-099-9

The Battle of Puffendorf

a novel by Verne Hull

Set during a pivotal tank battle of World War II, The Battle of Puffendorf is a story of intrigue and romance focusing on the confrontation of two charismatic commanders, Captain Tom Abbleby and the German Major Hans Otto Dietrich. The protagonist of the story in Corporal Whip Johnson, a young soldier from South Dakota. A significant part of the story is based on the 2nd Armored Division's tank battle fought on Nov. 17, 1944, at Puffendorf, Germany.

6"x9", 358 pages, paperback, $19.95.
ISBN 1-57510-115-7


Little Coyote

a novel by Charles J. Keim

Charles J. Keim has written often, and well, but his second nivel, Little Coyote, far surpasses previous efforts. Set in the vast land that would become Montana, Keim’s passionate love for the this place, its inhabitants and its wild, colorful past become evident as he skillfuly tells this story of the Flathead people, their allies, their enemies, their enormoud dilemma as white men and white men’s ways and “marvels” relentlessly approach from the east to bring drastic and everlasting change.

6"x9", 858 pages, hardcover, $25.
ISBN 1-57510-022-3


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